End of term & Europe travels

The last few months have been awesome with lots of adventures one after the other.
Only interrupted with some exams that had to be taken….

In the beginning of November, we did a road trip from Las Vegas up to Vancouver visiting friends, couchsurfing and exploring nature.

We started off with a quite unusual couchsurfing experience in Las Vegas. Not only was Hunter one of the kindest hosts I ever met, he also took us shooting some bottles in the desert.

Next day we went on exploring some of the magnificent canyons around Vegas. Especially Bryce Canyon exhibited some unreal structures and made me wonder once more about the diversity of landscapes the processes on our earth create.

Next stopover was the University of California Santa Barabara where we reunited with Michael.

After a crazy Halloween party ending up skinny dipping and a relaxed sightseeing and surfing day we drove on north along Big Sure Nationalpark.

Next big stop was the vibrant bay area of San Francisco where we meet some good old friends at Stanford & Berkeley.

But the highlight was still to come: Yosemite.

The only problem being that I had to write a 5 pages philosophy essay freezing in the tent because it was due the next morning. Oh well =)


The other November weekends were also full of exciting activities.

A Canada wide debate tournament in Edmount with free flights over the Rockies.

Followed by my first Ski Touring experience with Telemarks.

Which ended up failing over and over again, but well we had fun, good community and a cosy hut to sleep in.


After the last few final exams where also finally done, we finishes off the term with the most magnificent nature one can find in the Rocky mountains !


After some cosy Christmas and New Years eve with friends and family I had some two more weeks before a knee surgery. So one might just as well use that time to travel some more and visit friends in England and check out potential Master Universities in London, Oxford, Cambridge.



I was finishing off my last days without crutches in Stockholm, Ice skating and swimming in frozen lakes ❤ (after Sauna)


Midterms & after Midterm break free !

After lots of fun and trying out new stuff, university courseload load got pressing enough that I had to spent even weekends on it.

But still I couldn’t miss out on the awesome Rock Party, organized by the Outdoor Club.

It’s not a Rock party as you might think with sex, drugs and Rock’n roll (although all of former was involved in it). The main focus was on Rock Climbing in Squamish.



That means 120 people doing climbing courses from level 1-4, camping together and enjoying an eccentric party with lots of sporty challenges like table bouldering, night slackline and other climbing games. To relax after all those fun sport stuff one could enjoy some fun company in the only-naked Hot Tub.

IMGP0546Day two was again climbing in small groups. I was very lucky to go out with some pros and learn some lead and overhang climbing in magnificent scenery.

IMGP0568IMGP0567 IMGP0580 IMGP0576

IMGP0560 IMGP0596


After that last fun thing, life got a little more serious and as the system over here insists on people continuously learning I spend about almost two weeks with midterms, essays and my beloved physics books. I actually ended up enjoying it and even doing side readings on unrelated topics purely out of interest.


And to not get too much into intellectual academia stuff during these autumn days I tried to spice things up with some Mini Events:


Two Thanksgiving Dinners for good food and interesting socializing with business people (some immediately see you as network and hand treat you like it) and the more exchange club people.


Thunderbirds Ice Hockey game, definitely a brutal but action packed sport !


Also trying out some awesome Acro Yoga and enjoying some sunrise Yoga on the beach before heading to the library.

After all that learning I really needed to go on some adventures again!

So I posted in the Exchange group a simple
“Who’s in for some hitchhiking and scrambling in the mountains this weekend ?”

Hoping for one or two people to join.

In the end it we were 6, so instead of completely spontaneous we did 3 groups of two and hitchhiked up to a meeting point: Wedgemount Lake.


I hitchhiked with an adventure prone Dutch guy, Wouter starting at 11:00.

After two awesome rides, one by a native women explaining local tribe structures, legends and the general situation of Natives in Canada and another ski crazy guy who came for a semester abroad 6 years ago and just stayed, we arrived at the trailhead at 17:00.

Night hikes have always been one of my favorites so we did the 1200m elevation with freezing temperature that made all the trail glittering like fairy dust (ice cristalls).

The view of wedgemount lake definitely was worth all our efforts.


After a cozy night in the small hut we embarked on our scramble up Mt. Weart a nice peak “just a 800m scramble” away. Our first stop at the Mt. Wedge glacier took a little bit longer due to some pictures that just needed to be made.



Getting close to this massive of ice got me in my (sometimes over enthusiastic):
“Ahh this is so awesome” – State.

As Alice and Jan didn’t like the night as much as we did, they went back to Vancouver whereas Wouter, Will (a supercool guy we met on the way up at night) and I continued.

The normal route up Mt. Weart is a big round loop, so Will suggested:

Let’s try the direct way straight up !

And so we did.


Some steep stone fields, and awesome ridge climbing later we arrived at what we thought was the peak.

Unfortunately we didn’t knew that the real Mt. Weart was just the mountain next to this one and there was a 30 m straight drop between these two.

Cut a long story short: We climbed the wrong peak…

And the way down involved some serious climbing, maybe that’s the reason why normally the route is a big loop =)IMGP0742


O’well. Back on track again but way to late for another attempt to Mt Weart we needed to head back to the hut before it get’s dark.

As my hunger for exploration wasn’t satisfied yet I went on another small climb up a ridge to get a view over the huge Mt. Weart glacier. I arrived there shortly before sunset, see yourself if it was worth it.


Arriving back at the hut after 8h of intense scrambling I was pretty exhausted.


Thanks to our Swiss friend Solange who brought up some delicious pasta, I recovered pretty fast so next day, next adventure!

As we needed to be back in Vancouver in the evening we aimed for the smaller peak
Mt. Cook. Some changing weather and motivating sun breaks in between brought us up to this amazing spot.






Completely exhausted but infinitely rewarded by what we had the honor to experience we made it back to Vancouver.

During the Lab in my “Designing Cognitive Systems” Course we had to program and build Lego Mindstorm Robots and program them to compete against each other in Sumo Fights. It was pretty challenging to understand the parts and program language in only some hours but it was definitely fun and a good learning experience with nerve wrecking fights in the end. That’s exactly how university should be like!

Robot SumoSurprisingly my team did win the matches and we got first in the tournament.

This thursday I’ll head off for a roadtrip starting at Las Vegas and going all along the Westcoast up to Vancouver. Looking forward to meet up with some old friends and experience the Silicon Valley side of life 😉

Over and out.

Big greetings to my friends all over the world!

First few days in Bear Country

I’m currently in Vancouver, Canada at the University of British Columbia for a semester abroad. So it’s time to reactivate my old blog and share some pictures and stories that I’m experiencing during this term.


It started off with a warm welcome from Chloe who hosted me for my first night and showed me all around the beautiful UBC campus. Thanks to her advice: „Just go to the housing office, be desperate and gamble for no-show ups.”

So after just two days I got two offers, one from a party-every-day fraternity and one in Gage Towers with awesome view.


Hard decision but concerning this view I couldn’t complain at all !!

UBC Campus is HUGE, there are 50.000 enrolled students and it’s kind of a city on its own. There are cinemas, swimming pool, a shopping village, supermarkets and basically more than anyone could ever do.

IMGP0212 IMGP0219

Coming here my plan was to do a couple of courses but not a lot and focus my time on the outdoors and some personal projects. Well let me summarize in short:Plan failed =)

In my first week I visited 8 different courses ranging from topics as Personality Psychology via Philosophy of Economic Thought to Biomedical Engineering Anatomy.
In the end I wanted to do all of them !!

But I needed to limit myself to 5, so I chose:

  • Knowledge and Reality
  • Philosophy of Darwin, Evolution, and Modern History
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • Understanding and Designing Cognitive Systems
  • Green Nanoelectronic Devices

Some of them are Graduate courses and all of them very interactive and engaging.

One cannot really compare it to our system back home, the courses over here have assignments and readings every class and I even got labs.

Designing Cognitive Systems is probably the best course I had so far, in the labs we gonna built neuronal networks and use them to teach roboters to do Sumo fights.

That said, you might understand that I simply couldn’t limit myself to less then 5 courses.

So much about the serious stuff.

As the campus is absolutely huge and has incredible lots of students, there are over 350 clubs to get involved. Literally for EVERY interest you can find a club over here.
Samurai Sword fighting, some Chinese Board Game, Quidditch, Cooking Club, Surf Club, Ski & Board Club, thousands of Music Clubs…
So lots of new things for me to explore !

I joined the Debate Club, which while being awesome fun challenges me two times a week to practice my reasoning and spontaneous English presentation skills.
And the other MUST DO Clubs for me obviously were:

Varasity Outdoor Club
=>actually one of the reasons why I chose UBC, these guys having 2-3 trips every weekend to explore the outdoors. And people are always up for some crazy actions like swimming in some glacier lakes, just how I love it!

National Park Club
=>Organizing trips to the numerous stunning National Parks in BC.

Surf Club
=>Obviously organizing trips to go surfing on the beautiful Vancouver Island

And participating in a couple of Cooking Club and International Club Events.

Weekends so far

Focused on adventure and exploration my last weekends have been fully paced with stunning nature, amazing people and lots of fun.

Weekend Nr.1: Classic Warm Up

Grouse Mountain with my new Italian friends:

905647_724460097660348_3391379918892307578_o IMGP0232IMGP0248 IMGP0295

Weekend Nr.2: Garbialdi Lake

Probably THE place for a classical Canada picture =)

IMGP0310 IMGP0314 IMGP0320 IMGP0325 IMGP0353 IMGP0362

Weekend Nr.3: Surf Trip Vancouver Island

150 relaxed surf people and lots of beer barrels.


The challenges of surfing combined with the fight against the cold salt water got me in flow mode so the two days were gone after seconds.

As the place and the weather simply were to awesome to go back to studying Valentina and I decided stay one more night at a remote beach and do whale watching the other day.
Let me introduce: One of the best places to camp for a night.IMGP0454 IMGP0468 IMGP0475 IMGP0441 IMGP0506 IMGP0502 IMGP0510 IMGP0516

This weekend I gonna be at the Rock Party hosted by the Outdoor Club. So two days of rock climbing with big afterparty including DJ, hot pool and free food.

After these weekend reality will probably catch up and I’ll have a couple of overnight dates with the library…

New Zealand Part 2

Editing while doing a fulltime internship takes quite a while…

That’s why I’m releasing this video just now, it’s about me and Dome learning some sheep mastering skills on a farm and some ther stuff !

Ohh and PS: The next video will probably be one of the best so far, it’s already half finished!