New Zealand Part 2

Editing while doing a fulltime internship takes quite a while…

That’s why I’m releasing this video just now, it’s about me and Dome learning some sheep mastering skills on a farm and some ther stuff !

Ohh and PS: The next video will probably be one of the best so far, it’s already half finished!

World Tour Philippines Part 3 out now !

Unfortunately this will be my last video post for a while. Altough I got heaps of footage left about New Zealand,Vanuatu , Sydney… I simply don’t have the time right now to edit it as I’m working at Mercedes Benz right now and beside that applying for sholarships everywhere =) So I don’t know when but at least 5 more videos are coming !




Auckland/Tahiti/LA/Boston/NY/Iceland => A couple of short experience packed stop-overs !

After leaving the pradise Islands of Vanuatu (for everybody who still doesn’t know where they are here the picture )Auckland die Zweite  (2)

I had another 4 days in Auckland, the city of sails =)Auckland die Zweite  (3)I basically spent almost all my time training! It felt incredible good to finally do some Parkour again and ohh yea I missed it! The spots here in general are not that great but they have one spot which beats every tree spot I have seen so far: The EPIC TREEAuckland die Zweite  (6)And in one of the evenings I joined Solomon which I knew from Parkour Training for a Circus Class with Partner Acrobatics, joggling, trapez…..  Which was really nice as the people here have a similar spirit as in Parkour: Just ask the people to show you how they do what they do and they tell you !Auckland die Zweite  (7)Next stop was French Polynesia with Tahiti and her Islands! As I arrived at 9 pm and the Hostels here are crazy expensive I decided after a nice welcome show with traditional dance, why not sleep over in the airport ;) ?Tahiti (2)Tahiti (4)The first of my 2 days over here I spent on what all the people recommended me: diving!

And I really have to say: they are right ! It’s really amazing over here and I saw 5 sharks a lot of fish and a sea turtle !Tahiti (13)Tahiti (11)Tahiti (15)The second day was just a bit of snorkeling and some black pearl shopping in “Downtown” Papeete.Tahiti (7) Tahiti (5)Tahiti (5)Tahiti (20)The next morning I arrived in LA where I had a really amazing first night ( but NOT sleepwise ;) ):

I couchsurfed at the a Hip Hop Musician Wayne living directly in Hollywood. So we went out partying in the evening and thanks to an ID of his friend I got in anywhere we wanted. The bars were full the girls really really bitchy and we had quite some fun before we went home =) Home meant for me this night to sleep on his rooftop as his roommate/girlfriend doesn’t like couchsurfers and musn’t see me ;)Los Angeles & California (1)

But hey at least I had a good sight on the Hollywood sign in the morning…Los Angeles & California (2)After being followed by a callgirl who insisted on giving me her number I explored the Walk of Fame and a walked up to the Hollywood Sign.Los Angeles & California (5)Los Angeles & California (7)Los Angeles & California (11)The night I spent with Leander a German friend who is doing an internship over here and we went for a walk around Venice Beach and the canals!

Last night was then at another Couchsurfer in Laguna Beach which he said is “the real California” not LA! And in fact I liked it a lot more than busy LA:Los Angeles & California (19)Los Angeles & California (18)

As Huntington Beach was on the way to the airport I made a short stopover at this Surfers Paradise before flying to NY…Los Angeles & California (25)Los Angeles & California (26)

As my flight had a delay I missed my connection bus to Boston which gave me a free night in a hotel (just 2hours but heyyyy ) and a flight up to Boston !! Where I met Valerie again !!

So I spent my 4 days over here with helping her moving , exploring Harvard , the MIT and Boston and as I was lucky I even got to go to a college party called around the world with over 800 people.Boston (25)Boston (3)Boston (8)Boston (22)Finally back in NY I had two more days to spent and I walked all around NY , took the Staten Island ferry and got to see almost all the touristy stuff over here :

The new World Trade Center:New York Bilder (13)

Brooklyn Bridge:New York Bilder (7)New York Bilder (6)

A nice ferry ride to Staten Island:New York Bilder (14)New York Bilder (21)New York Bilder (18)

Empire State buildingNew York Bilder (34)

Times SquareNew York Bilder (44)

Grand Central StationNew York Bilder (39)

Central ParkNew York Bilder (47)

And I even got to crawl the testicles of the Wall Street Bull ;)New York Bilder (26)New York Bilder (24)

And last but not least a sunset over Manhatten:New York Bilder (33)

The next morning I arrived in pretty cold Iceland:One day in Iceland (3)

It was 6 am in the morning so I thought what to do with one day in Iceland really really tiered with just 2h of sleep on the plane last night….One day in Iceland (4)

Of course try to see as much as possible! But first of all having a decent breakfast =)One day in Iceland (6)And so I walked around Reykjavik with 2 other just arrivers, so far pretty cool city with Viking heritage ;)One day in Iceland (20)One day in Iceland (17)One day in Iceland (13)One day in Iceland (10)Hmm how can I manage to stay awake when I already sleep in just sitting on the bus for 10 minutes…

EASY : Just go hiking in the cold and windy landscape !!One day in Iceland (21)One day in Iceland (24)So I hiked up this table-flat mountains which look a bit strange ;)One day in Iceland (27)In the End it got very snowy and steep…One day in Iceland (40)

But as my motivation was a light meal up there and a good view there was not a thought of turning around:One day in Iceland (39)One day in Iceland (32)So that was Iceland the country I visited the shortest on this trip but I probably will come back one day! This will definitely be my last text entry but of course as I’m still a lot behind with videos they will follow =)

Huge thanks again to all my friends out there!

I’ll try now to get some sleep before my shuttle picks me up in 5 hours … but sleeping here is not that easy as it’s light almost all day!